Hello World!

Hello dear Blog. I have missed you so.

So, since I’m in an unreasonably romantic mood (yes, it’s the full moon hanging plump in the sky tonight. yes, I’m also exhausted and hence slightly delusional), let me elaborate on how I will write more, read more, think more, reflect more AND connect more on the blank canvas of Infinite.

Did I mention I was in an unreasonable kind of mood?

So in a bid to bring this blog back to life, I propose several projects.

Project #1 – bringing back the fiction. I used to write a lot. I don’t anymore. Instead of mourning, there should be revival.

Project #2 – Crime and Media. Remember? So, watch out for more on this space. Starting tomorrow!

Project #3 – Invisible Cities. Yes tired and overused title but will hopefully bring out some new perspectives.

So now that this is cast in stone. Er, or on my screen to mock at me while I procrastinate. It should get me off my ass, at the very least!

Happy February all!



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