So what’s the true meaning of narcissism?

Let me enlighten. In twenty days, I have a major paper due for which I have done little to no work. This of course still fails to bother me and while I was on the look out for new things to procrastinate to  (I swear that sounded a lot less erotic when I thought it!), last night I rediscovered my old blog at livejournal.

And four hours later after I finished reading the last entry, I sat back, sighed, and decided to blog again.

That my friends. Is true narcissism. Cuz how many people do you know who get inspired by themselves?

Oh wait. Actually, it appears that I can think of some quite off the top of my head. A.R.Rehman. Mani Ratnam. Any more you can think of?

Oh well. It appears I’m in quite exalted company then.


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