Some random thoughts

Two days ago, my dear laptop decided that it had had more than enough of my mishandling and died on me.

Surprisingly, the lack of constant internet stimulated my brain cells more and got me writing, thinking and pondering more than anything I have done in the last six months!

Which makes me wonder about the numbing effect of internet and new media.

Anyway. I’ve spent the last two months talking, understanding and debating media and I’m slowly becoming heartily sick of media theory. Or actually, sick of the constant media theory. I thought it would be easy to specialise but maybe I am really just cut out for generalist practice!

The good thing is that my interest in media has increased. The bad thing is…I don’t know whether I want to work in media anymore!

This blog was supposed to be about media, crime and passion. For the last few months, its been basically about nothing. But now that I have the freedom to think (!) I guess I better get down to.

Also. London = AWESOME!!

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One thought on “Some random thoughts

  1. Kavitha says:

    I remember this constant struggle to not feel obliged to participate in this online frenzy of new age applications and tools. I agree with you, just some time away from the computer is so refreshing and stimulating – no tabbed multitasking in real life to distract you so easily.

    And welcome back to the blog world.

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