When the words dried up…

The past months have been eventful indeed. My paper diary took up the space of my blog. I don’t know why but in times of stress, paper always ends up becoming dearer and comforting. Blogging is great but virtuality is still virtuality and I like to separate out reality sometimes.

But recently I have attempted to write again and now I can promise you that Infinite will definitely try to become chock full of opinion like goodness soon! In the meantime, I visited Kashmir early this year and wrote a piece on it. I did submit it for publication somewhere but I haven’t heard back from them and I don’t think it’s against the rules to post it on my own blog so it’s in the process of being edited after which I think it can be considered suitable for a blog entry.

I can’t believe I am ACTUALLY ready to blog again!

Hurray for words!


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