What’s happening?

After my blog post on human rights, I have been made aware of the following:

1) A 19 year old blogger has had criminal proceedings initiated against him for starting an anti-Shiv Sena community on Orkut. The Supreme Court Bench, consisting of one Mr. KGB has refused to give him relief from the same.

2) A week or so ago, a bunch of thugs attacked women outside a pub in Bangalore. Today’s Hindu has a column on three girls being attacked by goondas for wearing jeans.

Let’s play a guessing game – how many rights can you count that have been violated in the above two incidents.

When the sanctity of the constitution and the law has been turned on its head, when people are given impunity by the very authorities who are supposed to punish them, then I guess it’s time to become proactive.

Lets fight back – and bring on the libel!!

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One thought on “What’s happening?

  1. Dev says:

    When the State itself is illegal, isn’t it lawful to be unlawful?

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