This Hindu Conundrum

Ok. So. Apparently the only reason why Muslims and Christians in this country can ‘get away with it’ (where I am assuming that ‘it’ means being a Muslim or a Christian) is because of Hindu tolerance. And the answer to that – is reversing it and becoming intolerant.

In Prakash Sharma’s interview published in the Tehelka earlier this month, he keeps referring to ‘you secular people,’ as though it is the worst thing a person can be. The interview is FILLED with glaring contradictions, which the Shoma Choudhary very boldly picks up on and I must say, it was quite a rollicking read.

Anyway, for the past few days I’ve been reading up on Hindu Nationalism and the Sangh Parivar (it has quite a dramatic ring to it, doesn’t it?) and it has started me questioning:

By creating an ecclesiastical structure for Hinduism, aren’t the VHP and the RSS going against the nature of Hinduism itself – which by definition is loose and chaotic?

By saying that they are doing this because Hinduism has to adapt to modern demands and YET invoking age-old and traditional symbols and striking out against modern influences (which for many constitute modern), aren’t they contradicting themselves?

By constantly pointing out that whatever they do is in ‘reaction’ to something already done to them, aren’t they presenting a constant defensive attitude, showing they themselves KNOW that what they are doing has no defense?

Why does passion and ration exist at two opposite ends of the spectrum?

More on this as time passes.

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One thought on “This Hindu Conundrum

  1. Dev says:

    You might find this book interesting — ‘Destroying Myths or Mosques and Temples?’ (Publishers: Three Essays Collective)…
    I think the big problem always has been the oft-narrated perspective of temple desecration by invading Muslim armies. What we haven’t been told as often is that desecration happened even in pre-Islamic India, esp between the Shaivites and Vaishnavites. The Cholas and Chalukyas were regularly destroying each other’s temples… so there is this whole historical baggage. Unless this is corrected there’s going to be this lingering suspicion.

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