unSCREW the system

So, maybe the system sucks.

So, maybe the processes are clogged with red tape, the components are rife with corruption, the functions are distorted with agendas.

So, maybe we ought to be anti-system. Maybe form a parallel system with which we can achieve what we set out to get.

Anti-system. Parallel-system. No-system.

How romantic.

I am at heart a practical girl. I might be seduced by ideas of being radical and rebellious but when it comes right down to it, these are just abstract ideas just up in the air for me. Even rebellion has to be reduced to its more mundane and routine practices. Shouting and screaming and passionately throwing a fit has only so far worked against me. Oh, you silly child. Don’t be so naive. This is NOT the way the world works.

Instead, I’ve grown to appreciate the silent art of subtlety. Of going into places not gone before, of understanding processes and working around them and through them, of turning destructive processes around and construct something new out of them.

I haven’t learnt how to do it yet but I’m enjoying the process of learning.

Making noise is important. Making noise and then doing something about it is even more important.

Because it’s not so much screwing the system. But of unscrewing it. And digging into its dirty entrails and sorting out the muck from the diamonds. Cause there are diamonds there – hidden and still in carbon stage but existing.

And its our job to find them.

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One thought on “unSCREW the system

  1. Shraddha says:

    hey sanju..
    great work there.. unsrewing the system.. there’s a lot of work that needs to go into that, and it is so much easier to just screw itbut indeed it needs to be done !

    keep it gng!

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